»Financial Facilities


2. Financing Facilities

2.1. Equipment Financing Line

     This facility provides medium or long-term financing to clients and may be granted to provide funding for the acquisition of equipment or other capital assets to be secured by the object to be financed and or for the improvement of client's equipment/asset that may contribute to the expansion and improvement of their business which will be secured by chattel mortgages.

2.2. Purchase Orders/Receivables Financing Line

     This facility provides clients with a source of funds through financing of Receivables or Purchase Orders/Contracts. It is secured by assignment of outstanding receivables that are duly acknowledged/confirmed for products and services that had been delivered and accepted or confirmed or Purchase/Job Orders from established corporate or institutional customers to purchase materials and pay for other expenses needed to deliver the goods and services that are the subject of the purchase orders/contracts.

2.3. Short-Term Credit Line

     This facility provides clients with a source of funds to finance short-term working capital requirements. This facility is provided to existing clients with good track record.