»Mission and Vision


To provide innovative financial services that facilitate access to capital assets that will enhance service efficiency of government offices and increase productivity and expand capacity of private enterprises.

The pioneering government finance company providing solutions to capital asset requirements of programs and projects in support of the National Government Agenda operating in all regions in the country by 2018.

Guiding Principles
LBP Leasing and Finance Corporation shall be a:
Solution – Provider
LLFC will be innovative and creative in packaging facilities responsive to the needs of its clients.

Learning Organization
LLFC will be an organization that enhances the worth of its people, both as professionals and individuals.
LLFC will continuously look for improvements in its operations and strive for perfection.

Financially Sound and Strong Institution
LLFC will continuously achieve profitability level desired by its stockholders.
LLFC will maintain a sound financial position that will make it attractive to lenders and investors.

Socially Responsible Organization
LLFC shall always be conscious of its responsibility to country and society.

LLFC shall work as a team to satisfy the needs of its clients.

LLFC will adopt appropriate technology in communication and information systems to enhance operational efficiency to serve better its clients.




Transparency Seal

Transparency Seal

Corporate Governance