Product & Services

Credit Lines

Short Term Credit Line – loans/lines with maturities of 360 days or less that can be used for the following purpose:

Working Capital Requirement

A credit facility that allows the client to augment its working capital. It is normally secured by Chattel Mortgage or Real Estate Mortgage. On meritorious cases, the same can be granted “clean” up to P 10.00M.

Receivables/Contract Financing

A financing arrangement wherein the client may borrow against the amount of its outstanding receivables or invoice. This allows the client to liquify their receivables to allow them to have additional working capital. This is normally for short-term financing only. Receivables must be from well-established business entities acceptable to LLFC or government institutions/entities.

Purchase Order Financing

Provides clients additional working capital to finance confirmed purchase/job orders. This allows clients to service large purchase orders/sales contracts from well-established business entities acceptable to LLFC or government institutions/entities.

Factoring of Receivable

A financing agreement wherein there is a direct collection agreement between LLFC, the client and the end-issuer of the receivables.

Term Loans

Provides long-term financing with maturity of more than one (1) year to fund the following:

Permanent Working Capital normally secured by Chattel Mortgage and/or Real Estate Mortgage

Acquisition of equipment or other capital assets to be secured by the object to be financed

Acquisition of Land and Building, Construction and/or improvement of client's facilities secured by real estate and/or chattel mortgages

Term Loan Rediscounting Facility

Provides client with working capital to improve liquidity through the financing of long-term receivables (more than one year). The facility is to be secured by an assignment of the receivables being financed and all accessory documents. The facility is open to financing or lending companies, and equipment suppliers with in-house financing or installment payments.