Product & Services

Special Financing Programs

Special lease and credit programs may be developed by LLFC in partnership with asset suppliers or other institutions to facilitate the processing and implementation of lease or credit facilities for identified sectors.

Special Financing to Support Government 

LLFC can develop special programs to support government initiatives and/or programs.  The same can be done in conjunction with the implementing government entity/institution or as a stand-alone program to support the National Government Agenda.  This involves the grant of financing for equipment/assets to upgrade/replace/improve/modernize the facilities of the target beneficiaries, sectors and /or industries.

Anchor-Based Financing Programs

A financing program “anchored” on a specific busines entity/institution.  LLFC will partner with a specific “Anchor Company” to finance the acquisition of equipment/assets of its suppliers/sub-contractors/partners. Under the program. the credit package (equity position, repayment term, etc.) will be pre-defined to suit the needs of the suppliers/sub-contractors/partners of the Anchor Company.

Vendor Partnership Financing Programs  

A financing program where LLFC may partner with established equipment suppliers/vendors to finance its customers.  Arrangement may vary from a simple “referral system” to a more advanced arrangement that may include collection arrangements, broker’s fees, collection and monitoring systems, etc.